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Different flavors or taste of Bakery Products such as Pista Biscuit, Nan Khatai Biscuits and More made by expert bakers.

When it comes to bakery products, people of all age group seem to be fond of them because they curb small hunger, are good in taste and light to consume. Be it in parties or festivities or no occasions, bakery products are a perfect combination to have with tea and coffee. For buying quality bakery products, there's no better company than ours as we are skilled at producing only rich in taste bakery items. We are Baked Treat, a Delhi based manufacturer and wholesaler of Egg less handmade biscuits, Macaroons, Puff, Milk Rusk, Long Fan, Oats Cookies, Pista Biscuit, Nan Khatai Biscuits and many other bakery products.

We have all pure bakery products at our unit. Ingredients that are used in making bakery items like flour, dry fruits, jelly and oats are procured from trusted sources.
Why Choose Us?
Hygiene & Quality

Hygiene & Quality

Two most important factors which we pay heed to maintain our reputation and retain our customers are quality and hygiene. 
Variety In Bakery Products

Variety In Bakery Products

At Baked Treat, we understand every customer has a different taste and need. Pertaining to which we have started making variety in bakery products.
Partner With Us- Why?

Partner With Us - Why?

Expert bakers who know the taste of people are hired by us to make healthy and quality bakery products. 
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